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The Mercy Kiss The Mercy Kiss was an independent rock band from Milwaukee who relocated to Los Angeles in late 2003. They released 3 EPs and 1 LP independently, and toured the US several times. They are perhaps best known for their songs in the feature film "Dakota Skye".

We hope that you will support our future music projects with as much love and enthusiasm as you did for The Mercy Kiss!

Bay formed a new band called SOME HEAR EXPLOSIONS who released an album independently and toured the US before disbanding in 2012. Bay then formed indie rock duo The Secondhand Lions with Oliver Thompson who released their first single "Perfect Chemistry" in late 2012. Bay also began work producing the first album from singer/songwriter Laura Maust and acts as her musical director for live shows. Bay is also an accomplished actor and film producer, and you can follow all of his projects on his website

Aaron is living in Ohio and setting up a recording studio. His new website is where he'll showcase his new material as well as other projects he's involved with. He is also looking for artists/bands to produce in the Columbus area.

**** Official Bio January, 2008 *****

The Mercy Kiss began as a two-man experiment between Aaron Moore and Bay Dariz in the Fall of 2002. They worked out of a tiny rented house on the East Side of Milwaukee and this experiment became a "band" soon after. TMK's first show was a nearly sold-out headlining gig at the Rave Bar in Milwaukee on June 20th, 2003 and their second show was Lollapalooza 2003. Almost immediately, TMK was generating interest on the West Coast. Armed with a well-received debut record and LA-based representation, the band relocated to LA with much enthusiasm [but little money].

The following year was a rough one for the music industries: labels merged and/or folded, massive layoffs occurred, and uncertainty dominated. TMK decided to take matters into their own hands and continued making their own records. They would go on to self-produce and self-release 3 EPs and 1 LP, and tour the country several times in the process. Band members were lost, adventures were had, meals were skipped, and many miles were put on their purple conversion van.

In the middle of all of this, TMK was contacted by a producer, and upon returning from their final tour, began work on what would be their second full-length album. The making of this record would be sometimes exciting but often disappointing.

As the months stretched on, the band ended up reverting back to the original two-man lineup. Two years had now gone by since TMK had released music or been on tour. By this point, Bay had started acting in indie films, and Aaron had become finally and utterly disenchanted with the music business and life in LA. It also became obvious that despite the band's efforts, the record was never going to be finished.

Aaron decided to move back to Ohio, and Bay stayed in LA.